DSI Process Systems (DSI), a wholly owned subsidiary of Statco, provides all major components for food processing equipment including stainless steel tanks, silos, cookers, kettles, chillers, blenders, separators, homogenizers and mixing equipment. We represent quality manufacturers of sanitary valves, instrumentation, transmitters, transducers, spray systems, spray nozzles, spray machines, cooling systems, cooling tunnels, and hot water systems.

DSI can also design and install a wide range of systems including pumping, metering, filtration, CIP and COP systems as well as valve manifolds. Our control engineers design, program and test control panels and will commission process control systems and conduct training on-site. Dairy, food and beverage customers also rely on DSI Process Systems for custom sheet metal fabrication and for pump bases, skidded systems, transfer panels, platforms and many other custom items.

With ten sales and engineering offices strategically located throughout the United States, our nationwide network of more than 150 seasoned sanitary process professionals are in your backyard and ready to get to work.

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Therma-Stat Therma-Stat
Direct Steam Injection ESL Processing System

Valve solution for continuous production, cleaning

Therma-Route Therma-Route
Valve solution for seamless product routing

Fabricated for high production efficiencies

Blend and cleanse system

Skidded SystemsSkidded Systems
Process systems to streamline installation

Skidded Systems
High speed powder blending system

Fabricated ProductsFabricated Products
Quality components designed and produced in house

Fabricated Products
CIP Systems CIP Systems
Add flexibility to production, cleaning schedule

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