In addition to the proprietary equipment we design and manufacture in-house, Statco and DSI represent over one hundred manufacturers in the food, beverage, dairy, and biopharm industries. Our full line of equipment includes:
  • Casers
  • Fillers
  • Pumps
  • Valves
  • Separators
  • Homogenizers
  • Heat exchangers
  • Conveyor systems
  • Instrumentation/controls
  • Custom tanks, vessels and silos
  • Cookers, kettles
  • Chillers
  • Cooling tunnels, systems
  • Hot water systems
  • Blenders, mixers
  • Spray systems, accessories
  • Transmitters, transducers
  • Complete process systems

  • Whether you need an entire system or to tie in one of our components into an existing line, let us link your good name with the best names in the sanitary processing industry. Here are just a few of the manufacturers we represent:

    AGC Logo AGC Heat Transfer
    ProFlow Series™ plate heat exchanger, plates, re-gasketing, re-streaming, field leak checks
    Anderson Logo Anderson Instruments
    Level, temperature, pressure and flow sensors, recorders, controllers, HTST legal instruments, positive displacement, magnetic flow, turbine and mass flow meters
    Federal Logo


    Rotary filling and capping system, 8 oz. to 1 gal. for milk, juice, water


    Centrifugal, positive displacement, liquid ring and multiple stage high pressure pumps, shear blending pumps, blending systems

    GEAniro GEA Niro Soavi

    Mass meters

    Sani-Matic Logo

    CIP and COP systems, cabinet, pallet and tunnel washers, spray balls

    Sudmo Logo
    Single seat and aseptic, mix proof, PMO mix proof, butterfly and ball valves

    TetraPak Logo
    United Industries Logo
    United Industries
    Stainless steel sanitary tubing, 304 and 316
    VNE Logo
    Stainless steel fittings, valves and related specialty products

    Sanitary Components

    Specifying a pump can be a daunting task. The best pump for the job may not be a duplicate of what you are replacing; it may be the wrong pump style for your application or it could be outdated in today's technology.

    Our sales and engineering team asks the right questions to determine the best pump for your particular application. Whether you're pumping water, batter, product fillings, peanut butter or CIP solution, Statco and DSI offer a full line of sanitary pumps including centrifugal, positive displacement, liquid ring and multi-stage high pressure as well as drum unloading systems from the best names in the industry.
    Fristam Logo
    Centrifugal, positive displacement, liquid ring and multiple stage high pressure pumps, shear blending pumps, blending systems

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    Statco offers a full line of sanitary valves for the food, dairy, beverage and biotech/pharmaceutical industries including mix proof, PMO mix proof, single seat, aseptic, butterfly, ball and diaphragm valves.

    In addition to regulatory requirements, our knowledge base will help you determine the proper valve for your specific application. Our sanitary valves are available in a variety of sizes, finishes and connections, and are ideal for all applications where maintaining a sanitary environment is required. We also offer alternative materials of construction and design to meet demanding situations.

    Sudmo Logo Single seat and aseptic, mix proof, PMO mix proof, butterfly and ball valves

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    While homogenization is most commonly known as a process in the milk and dairy field, Statco sells homogenizers and high pressure pumps to many clients in the food, beverage and life science industries as well.

    Homogenization is the process of physically mixing two non-soluble compounds into one uniformly consistent product. The homogenizer lines Statco represents do this through the use of a high pressure pump that emulsifies the product into a smooth consistency that will also reduce or severely diminish product separation over time.

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    Heat Exchangers
    Tubular heat exchangers are ideal for gentle handling of shear sensitive products and large particulates. They consist of an inner tube and an outer tube mounted concentrically. The heating or cooling medium travels in one direction through the outer tube and the product flows in the opposite direction through a single inner tube in counter flow fashion.

    In addition to the equipment we manufacture in house, we represent the full line of Feldmeier's double, triple and multi-tube heat exchangers.

    Feldmeier Logo Tubular heat exchangers

    Plate heat exchangers are used for sterilizing primarily liquid food products such as milk, prepared foods and sauces. We sell and service AGC plate heat exchangers as standalone components or incorporate them into a custom-designed skidded system.

    AGC Logo ProFlow Series™ plate heat exchanger, plates, re-gasketing, re-streaming, field leak checks

    Instruments & Controls
    Statco and DSI offer a full line of sanitary process instrumentation and measurement sensors for the food, dairy, beverage and biotech / pharmaceutical industries. We have products to measure pressure, temperature, flow or level. We also carry chart recorders, load cells and analytical items such as conductivity sensors and optical transition sensors.

    Our collection of instrumentation will meet or exceed your demands for cleanliness, performance and high repeatability. Many items are available with a selection of connection choices, measurement ranges, cable lengths, and units of measure; all are available in 304 or 316 stainless steel.

    Whether you are looking for a pressure gauge, a level transmitter, a flow meter or an HTST controller, our skilled sales staff can offer a solution to satisfy the most demanding applications.

    Therma-Stat Therma-Stat
    Direct Steam Injection ESL Processing System

    Valve solution for continuous production, cleaning

    Therma-Route Therma-Route
    Valve solution for seamless product routing

    Fabricated for high production efficiencies

    Blend and cleanse system

    Skidded SystemsSkidded Systems
    Process systems to streamline installation

    Skidded Systems
    High speed powder blending system

    Fabricated ProductsFabricated Products
    Quality components designed and produced in house

    Fabricated Products
    CIP Systems CIP Systems
    Add flexibility to production, cleaning schedule

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