While our knowledge of sanitary components and systems is second nature, we also have deep experience with the processes that come into play everyday in the food and beverage industries. From aseptic processing and packaging to simple homogenization, we can help.

Thermal ESL/Aseptic Skidded System

Thermal ESL / Aseptic Skidded System

Aseptic is a comprehensive sterilization method for both processing and packaging a product. Aseptic products are thermally processed to a state of commercial sterility and then filled through a sterile zone into a sterilized package. They are shelf-stable and do not require refrigeration.

The aseptic process and packaging procedures provide longer shelf life at normal room temperatures without preservatives. Shelf life can be extended (in some cases) for up to one year without refrigeration. Product sterilization occurs by rapidly heating the product to a high temperature, holding for a short period of time, and rapidly cooling the product. Products are minimally affected by the heating process, ensuring flavor retention, nutritional value and product integrity.

The choice of system, system design, filler and package are very product dependent. In order to ensure product integrity and system efficiency, it is crucial that the choice of process, filler and package is made based on the particular product being processed.

The types of processes accepted in the United States for the production of aseptic products are time/temperature based. The two types of time/temperature based processing systems are categorized as indirect and direct heating systems.

Indirect systems utilize non-contact heating and cooling media to achieve the desired product temperatures. These systems employ various types of heat exchangers such as plate, tubular or scraped surface heat exchangers to heat and cool products to conform to the desired product temperature profile.

Direct systems, like Statco's Therma-Stat system, inject the heating media (culinary steam) directly into the product to rapidly elevate the temperature. This heating process is typically followed by flash cooling the product to remove the quantity of water which was added as steam. Steam is delivered into the product using either steam injection or steam infusion. Steam injection systems inject steam directly into the product and steam infusion systems distribute product into the steam via an infusion vessel.

Statco has experience in both direct and indirect heating aseptic systems for both high acid and low acid foods. We can provide an aseptic solution for your product and packaging needs that is certifiable by the FDA, USDA or in the case of dairy-based products, in compliance with the Grade A Pasteurized Milk Ordinance (PMO).

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Typical milk production includes homogenization to prevent the cream (high fat) and milk (low fat) from separating. Prior to homogenization, fat globules, which weigh less than milk, rise to the top. Product is pumped at extremely high pressure through small valves to pulverize the fat globules. This emulsification results in a smoother product and helps prevent future product separation to extend shelf life.

Homogenization technology is used in the pharmaceutical, food and beverage, and cosmetics industries as well to provide a smoother product that is less likely to separate over time. Many products used by consumers every day are homogenized -- beauty products such as creams and lotions, beverages such as fruit juice, edibles such as baby food and even your daily vitamins and supplements.

Whether your application parameters and product lines require a standard or aseptic homogenizer, Statco will specify the best model for your needs.

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Product packaging is more than just a container for your product. It also is a barrier to contaminants, often including some level of product security with heat seals and other tamper-evident devices. And packaging has become a key marketing tool.

Various packaging sizes offer convenience, economies of scale in production and portion control. These options dictate a variety of product changeover requirements and material handling complexities.

Statco and DSI are your material handling partners. We can take your container from the beginning of your production line all the way to the truck at the loading bay. Along the way, we integrate specialized material handling components and quality control equipment from leading manufacturers to make your line as efficient as possible.

Multiple product SKU's are not a problem. We can design new systems or update existing ones to cover a full range of product options, production flexibility, packaging variances and filler options.

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