Project Management

As project manager, we work with you to provide coordinated management, planning and design services. The scope of our services often includes:
By having our own staff of design engineers, CAD technicians, project administrators, and field installers, we are in direct control of the way the project is managed. We do what it takes to guarantee project success -- whether it is long days and weekend work, or ensuring timely delivery of key components and installation materials.


Systems integration is the foundation of everything we do. Regardless of the type of system or equipment we specify or install, we take all of your other existing plant operations into consideration. The skill set of our engineers and technical sales staff and knowing the questions that need to be asked helps us understand each of the subsystems in your plant. From thermal, blending and CIP systems, to specific equipment and utilities, we account for how changes with the equipment can impact the overall process efficiency. Whether you need one of these subsystems or a complete process system, we can help you find the right solution for your plant.

Equipment Specification

Project and System Design

Statco is your full service project and system design resource. Our team of process design engineers, along with our staff of CAD technicians, has the experience to handle projects of various complexities, from small piping and storage upgrades to complete processing line designs.

Our design engineers have backgrounds that range from chemical and mechanical engineering to plant and production management. They spearhead projects throughout North America as well as internationally, working with the smallest processor all the way up to large international accounts.

The design team assigned to the project will turn your vision into reality. By factoring in current equipment and capacities, we specify the proper equipment and engineer the optimal system layout. Your new system will meet your performance expectations without compromising quality.

Your project design engineer stays with your project from inception through installation, cutovers and onsite commissioning; making regular site visits as needed along the way. All key staff is kept in the communication loop, both within Statco and your project team, ensuring that the project will run smoothly -- problems are solved and intelligently.

From the receiving of your raw materials through the entire process and on to packaging, conveying, storage and distribution; Statco is your full service design and engineering resource that also provides comprehensive support to both the project design and the equipment provided.

Therma-Stat Therma-Stat
Direct Steam Injection ESL Processing System

Valve solution for continuous production, cleaning

Therma-Route Therma-Route
Valve solution for seamless product routing

Fabricated for high production efficiencies

Blend and cleanse system

Skidded SystemsSkidded Systems
Process systems to streamline installation

Skidded Systems
High speed powder blending system

Fabricated ProductsFabricated Products
Quality components designed and produced in house

Fabricated Products
CIP Systems CIP Systems
Add flexibility to production, cleaning schedule

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