Water is a large segment of Statco-DSI's beverage business including bottled drinking water, ingredient water and process water. We have successfully built entire process facilities for some of North America's largest bottled water companies. Our expertise covers the process from the water entering the plant to purification to flavors/additives and blending through the final filling step.

Our engineers work closely with you to determine the purification method(s) that will work best for your particular application and product offerings. Membrane filters such as ultra filtration (UF), nano filtration (NF) and micro filtration (MF) are viable options as well as reverse osmosis (RO), carbon filtration, and ultraviolet technology.

Whether you need to remove impurities from your water or inject flavors, minerals and other additives, Statco and DSI have the experience to be your clear choice for water processing equipment sales and service.

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Therma-Stat Therma-Stat
Direct Steam Injection ESL Processing System

Valve solution for continuous production, cleaning

Therma-Route Therma-Route
Valve solution for seamless product routing

Fabricated for high production efficiencies

Blend and cleanse system

Skidded SystemsSkidded Systems
Process systems to streamline installation

Skidded Systems
High speed powder blending system

Fabricated ProductsFabricated Products
Quality components designed and produced in house

Fabricated Products
CIP Systems CIP Systems
Add flexibility to production, cleaning schedule

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