Over the past decade or more, the wine industry has grown and spread exponentially across the country. While we began in this industry in our west coast offices, our offices nationwide have wineries of all sizes in their back yards. We understand that every winery is as unique as the assortment of wines it produces.

Whether you have a fully-automated winery or one that is manual in every sense of the word, we can help. In addition to actuated valves and controls programming for fully automated lines, we stock butterfly valves and stainless steel fittings. We also have spray devices for cleaning tanks, COP washers for parts and custom fabricated CIP systems.

Centrifugal transfer pumps, with or without a cart, product strainers and instrumentation for temperature, pressure, level or recording are all readily available and able to ship in 7-10 days, depending on factory availability. Spare parts and custom sanitary hoses are readily available and typically ship in 1-2 days.

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Therma-Stat Therma-Stat
Direct Steam Injection ESL Processing System

Valve solution for continuous production, cleaning

Therma-Route Therma-Route
Valve solution for seamless product routing

Fabricated for high production efficiencies

Blend and cleanse system

Skidded SystemsSkidded Systems
Process systems to streamline installation

Skidded Systems
High speed powder blending system

Fabricated ProductsFabricated Products
Quality components designed and produced in house

Fabricated Products
CIP Systems CIP Systems
Add flexibility to production, cleaning schedule

STATCO Engineering DSI Process Systems STATCO Process Systems Engineered Equipment Distributed Products Services Processes Services
Carbonated Soft Drink